Honors & Awards

“There is no such thing as a lifetime achievement award. The only time that award can be made is when they put you in the grave and you have done all that can be done. I have always worked very, very hard and I still work very, very hard. I’ve never given a thought
to working less.”

  • (2012) Menahem Pressler awarded the Menuhin Prize by the Queen of Spain
  • (2012) Beaux Arts Trio inducted into the American Classical Music Hall of Fame
  • (2012) Beaux Arts Trio inducted into the Gramophone Magazine Hall of Fame
  • (2012) Menahem Pressler awarded the Music Teachers National Association Achievement Award
  • (2011) Menahem Pressler awarded the Wigmore Medal – Read more
  • (2011) Menahem Pressler Wins ICMA Lifetime Achievement Award – Read more
  • (2010) Menahem Pressler Awarded Honorary Chinese Professorship – Read more
  • (2009) Awarded Honorary Citizenship by his hometown of Macdeburg, Germany, which he fled in 1938 to escape the Nazis.  – Read more
  • Awarded Germany’s highest honor – Read more
  • Pressler receives highest French honor – Read more
  • December 16, 2003 declared Menahem Pressler Day in Pressler’s home town, Bloomington Indiana.
  • Awarded the Gold Medal of Merit from the National Society of Arts and Letters, recognizing him for “a long and distinguished career not only as an internationally recognized concert artist but also a teacher and mentor of young artists.” (2002)
  • Elected to the National Academy of Arts and Sciences (2000)
  • Received one of only five Lifetime Achievement Awards granted in the last fifty years by Gramophone magazine (1998)
  • Awarded England’s Record of the Year (1997)
  • Honored with Chamber Music America ‘s Distinguished Service Award (1994)
  • Nominated for Four Grammy Awards.
  • Received the prestigious Concertgabau Prize as well as 5 Grande Prix du Disque
  • Winner of Debussy International Piano Competition (1946)
  • Awarded honorary doctorates by the University of Nebraska, the University of Kansas, the North Carolina School of the Arts and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
  • Edited the manuscript of the last Piano Sonata by the late Sergei Prokofiev.

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